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We have author Susanne Hampton talking about her favourite city.

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My favourite place is the world will always be home….

Over the years I have travelled to many places, enjoyed every minute of that travel and it has provided settings for my books, but I love coming home.
Perhaps as I am older I appreciate what my hometown offers more than I did years ago.  The serenity and prettiness of the ‘city of churches’, the friendships formed over the years and the amenities that Adelaide has to offer are just a few of the things that bring me home.

Highlights of my travel include; the dazzle of Vegas on a hot summer night; Los Angeles shopping precincts and the infamous Whiskey a Go-Go night club (named after the first discoth√®que, the 'Whisky √† Go-Go', established in Paris in 1947); the sixties hippy vibe of Haight Street in San Francisco; the gentle and respectful culture of Yokohama and the Japanese people despite the size of the city; and the Australian countryside with it’s own unique laidback culture and ambience. 
Still I love Adelaide the best.  We have glorious parklands surrounding our city, miles of the most beautiful beaches and stunning views from our eucalyptus scented foothills.  Our wine is world class, our higher education draws students from all over the world and our restaurants are second to none. There is nothing not to love.

I understand the need for our children to spread their wings and see the world but I hope they all come home to nest, bringing with them their new found knowledge and experience from living abroad.  And I hope they let their children grow up in a city that I will always call home.
Do you feel the same way about your hometown?
Warmest regards

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  1. Sue, I've lived all over the world, and I'll tell anyone who asks that Adelaide will always have my heart.

  2. That is wonderful to know! Although you do live in a stunning part of the world just brimming with history and atmosphere.

  3. Nice post. Home is always where the heart it.


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