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Intro: Bella Sharma, The Journey of a Gambler's Wife

This week on Intro on Author we have Bella Sharma talking about her memoir, The Journey of a Gambler's Wife.

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Over to Bella Sharma...

This book is a memoir based on my marriage to a compulsive gambler. While married to him for nearly 6 years, I went through mental and emotional abuse, family violence and financial hardship.

The impact of living with a gambler husband was horrendous. It also had its impact on family, friends and community.

I was eventually stalked as I attempted, with my children, to run from him.
We ran from suburb to suburb and state to state. However, I met wonderful, strong and courageous people who taught me so much about life and its lessons and helped me through adverse times. These wonderful and amazing people helped me to become a strong and positive person. That determination helped me to write this book. I've created positive out of negative. Believe it or not but I reaped the benefit of hitting rock bottom.

Writing was therapeutic for me however it took me to places where I always considered unpleasant.
My book has message for people who are in similar condition as I was and my key message is to communicate that there is a light at the end of a tunnel if you believe in yourself.

Despite being inflicted with mental physical, emotional abuse and near death from my abusive husband, I survived. This is my story of empowerment, hope and success.

The Journey of a Gambler's Wife

Once a cherished daughter and loved sister, Bella Sharma marries to start a new life in Australia. Little she realises that one can never really know another person regardless of how many years you stay together. Shocked beyond belief to find that her husband is not only a liar but also a gambling addict, at first she tries to cure him of this addiction by helping him lead a normal life with love and understanding. 

But then circumstance change and events happen over which she has no control. Life was spinning uncontrollably and she has to make a decision…her daughters’ and her future or the love of a gambler and a cheat? Because life with him would undeniably land her on the streets sooner or later. 

This is one woman’s journey escaping family violence, emotional and mental abuse, stalking and harassment in the name of love. 

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