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From One Night to Wife

by Rachael Thomas

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Intro: Jacqui Jacoby, Dead Men Play the Game & #Giveaways

This week we are introducing author Jacqui Jacoby. She has a new release Paranormal novel, Dead Men Play the Game from Bodycount Productions Inc. 



 I'm the author of: I currently have two books out: With A Vengeance, and Dead Men Play the Game.  Play the Game is the first book in the The Dead Series, with Book II due out Feb 2016.  Magic Man comes out this coming October with The Fourth Sword out in the summer of 2016.

Jacqui Jacoby on the web:
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My Life- 

Lives alone most of the time and enjoys the quiet and the company of her cats.  Yes, she did score a ten out of ten on the "Crazy Cat Lady Quiz."  ^,,^


The Who, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Clive Cussler, Stephen King.

How I write:  

Hard question.  How do get I ideas? What is my routine?  I usually put in about six to eight hours a day on projects ranging from my blog, blogs I'm guesting on, articles, and of course the novels.  I am currently editing a stand alone, Magic Man; as well writing the third book in The Dead Men series, Dead Men Feel the Heat. Then there is Twitter and Facebook which take up an amazing amount of time.
Motivation- (why you write?) 
I wasn't given a choice.  I was born with the ability to take imaginary people, create their worlds and give them voices.  If I stop doing that, then their voices die and they are never allowed to breath in the real world.

Your Book-

Dead Men Play the Game

For a hundred years, Ian Stuart has fought the monster controlling his life. Living as a human amonghumans, he wants to fill the void that has followed him from one empty, lonely relationship to another other. Ashley Barrow is working the worst murder case in Davenport, Oregon's history. She needs a drink to forget the detailed images in her mind. When she walks into Ian's pub, Ian knows their lives are about to change, if only for a short while. Vampire and human, their relationships can only last so long. But an enemy from Ian's past has his own agenda about their future. His sadistic revenge changes Ashley forever, leaving Ian and his long time friends – Travis, Jason, Quinn and Evan -- desperate to ease her into her new life and find a way to defeat their enemy. 

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