Introducing Author Jamie Jeffries, Fatal Exposure #Giveaways

This week's Intro to Author is on Jamie Jeffries and her latest release novel FATAL EXPOSURE. And there is a Giveaway! 
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Intro- I'm the author of...Fatal Exposure and one other book under this pen name. I also write thrillers under the pen name JC Ryan, with a partner.

My Life-  I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English literature, never dreaming I'd be able to write for a living. After trying several other things, including real estate sales and online English tutoring, I settled down to write what I love to read. It's been amazing!

Influences- I can't even begin to answer this question. Many authors have influenced the kind of story I want to write. My father influenced me to follow my own path.

How I write- I'm a very disciplined writer. I write from an outline, and on writing days I put down 5,000 to 8,000 words, which is why I can produce a book quickly. The real work comes after that, with a rigorous revision process, and then incorporating suggestions from beta readers and an editor. I view writing as my full-time job, and put in a solid 40+ hour week, just as if I were punching a time clock.

Motivation-  I started writing as an alternative to going outside my home to work. Naively, I believed that if I put in the hours, I'd earn the money. While that has finally come to pass, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Now I write because once I turned on the creative faucet, I found myself unable to turn it off.

Your Book-  Dylan made Alex’s heart race and her blood pound when they were in high school. Then her dad caught them naked in her room and sent Dylan packing. Dylan left town a few weeks later, saying he’d never be back. They’re about to learn you should never say never.

When they meet again four years later, over a mummified corpse in the blazing Arizona desert, what
secrets is he carrying, and why does he have to look so damn good? Alex, now a college student and aspiring investigative journalist, can’t decide whether she’d like to find out what she missed all those years ago, or help put him behind bars.

Will she get the chance to make up her mind, before she's marked for murder herself?

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Fatal Exposure (Desert Heat Book 1)