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Intro: Louise Cusack, Husband Heel & #Giveaway

This week Intro on Author is on Louise Cusackk, her latest release Husband Heel from the #HusbandSeries.

 She also has a Kindle copy giveaway to one commenter!

Louise Cusack on the web:

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What are a few things we would find on your desk?

Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion, dried apple slices (so I won’t go to the fridge and get chocolate!) and a list with every name I’ve used so far in my #HusbandSeries of erotic romance novels. This is to stop me calling two characters by the same name!

What motivates you to write?

It’s what I do. Who I am. I’ve been a fulltime writer for twenty years. I can’t imagine any other life. When I croak they’ll be lifting my fingers off a keyboard (hopefully in some beautiful beachside villa).

Share something about yourself no one else knows?

I would desperately love to have a kitten. I’ve told myself that this is a time of my life to be free of responsibility so I can travel, but sometimes I dream about a little bundle of fur on my lap while I write and the idea makes me so happy I’m almost swayed.

What was your favorite scene to write?

Louella’s first sex scene. She surprised me so much! I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer so I wasn’t sure whether she’d let her emotional guard down, but I was very pleased with how much pleasure she would allow herself – although, who wouldn’t melt for a testosterone packed hunk like Nick Aston.

Tell us about your book…

The Husband series follows the romantic adventures of four girlfriends: Jill, Angela, Louella and Fritha. Book 3 HUSBAND HEEL features Louella who is used to being the rock, the Momma Bear that everyone relies on, but there comes a time for all of us when life is simply too hard, and you need to ask for help. The girls will always be there for her 100%, but what Louella needs is sexual healing, and that's something that testosterone-packed bodyguard Nick Aston can deliver in spades! I hope readers enjoy Louella's rocky road to romance, and enjoy catching up with Jill and Finn, Angela and Jack, and flighty Fritha who will have her turn at sexily-ever-after in the fourth book of the series.
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