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Claiming His Brother's Baby

by Helen Lacey

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Loving You Is Easy by Wendy S. Marcus #Giveaway

Today we are talking to author Wendy S. Marcus about her latest release Loving You Is Easy... 

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Hi Nas! Thank you for inviting me here today to talk about my Loveswept Contemporary Romance, Loving You Is Easy!

In Loving You Is Easy, the heroine, Brooke, a seventh grade math teacher, is introduced to the hero, Shane, a soldier in the U.S. army serving his fourth tour of combat duty in Afghanastan, as part of a ‘Support Our Troops’ initiative that matches active duty soldiers serving overseas with pen pals from back home.

Aaaahhhh. The word ‘pen pal’ brings me back to my childhood, to letters – actual hand written letters - sealed with a kiss and decorated with stickers. I remember how excited I’d get to receive news from friends back home while I was at summer sleep away camp and from summer camp friends during the school year.

Then there was my Canadian pen pal through French class in junior high school. Although that friendship was doomed to fail from the start, because my assigned pen pal was just as bad at conversational English and I was at conversational French.

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When I got older, letters took on new meaning. Sitting alone somewhere, as opposed to standing in another person’s presence, made me bold, gave me the confidence to put things on paper that I didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud, face to face. Of course sometimes that led to the over-share. Take the unfortunate letter I mailed to a college crush – after a dinner where much too much wine had been consumed - while I was in Europe for a few weeks over the summer. To this day I’m not exactly sure what I wrote in that letter, but when I returned to campus my crush wouldn’t look me in the eye and went out of his way to avoid me.

But when you’re on the receiving end, the over-share can be quite enjoyable. Take the letter I received from a boy I’d met once, at a frat party, while visiting my friend at her college five hours away. A few kisses were exchanged. That’s it, I swear! Two weeks later I received a three page letter detailing how much he liked me and how I was perfect for him. I’m pretty sure I still have that letter. A girl doesn’t throw something like that out!

Before I met my husband I used to wonder what might have happened if I’d written that boy back? Would we have gotten to know each other through a deep, revealing, heart to heart exchange of letters like Shane and Brooke from Loving You Is Easy? Would we have confided in each other and shared secrets we didn’t share with anyone else? Would we have fallen deeply in love and gotten married?  

Luckily for Shane, when Brooke sent him an introduction letter, he replied. And though they come from different backgrounds, Brooke from an upper class, Jewish family while Shane was a blue collar bad boy, through their exchange of letters and e-mails they each revealed their true character, core values, and caring natures. And learned they weren’t so different after all.  

But falling in love through correspondence and a few phone calls and Skype sessions is risky business. What will happen when Brooke and Shane meet in person? Will they still be as perfect for one another as Brooke thinks they’ll be? Well….you’ll have to read Loving You Is Easy to find out.  

Now that I’ve shared some of my letter writing/pen pal experiences, it’s your turn. Did you ever have a pen pal? How’d it go? Do you think it’s possible to start off as pen pals and wind up happily-ever-after married? Any embarrassing letters from your past you’d like to share?

One lucky commenter will win an e-book copy of Loving You Is Easy.