Let's Meet Author J. K. Coi and Giveaway!

Please welcome author J. K. Coi! She has a Kindle copy giveaway for one commenter of her latest release, In Bed With The Competition!

Over to J. K. Coi now...

1. How do you keep coming up with fresh characters and stories?


Like real people, fictional characters should all be different. They come from different places, they have different motivations, different likes, dislikes, and a whole bunch of other traits that distinguish them and make them special. Even if I took two characters with one identical trait, they would end up on different paths because of the type of story I decided to tell.


2. What do you like to read?


I’ll read almost anything, but I love romance and I love fantasy and adventure.


3. What's your favorite place to read?


My favourite place to do pretty much anything is at the lake. I’ll go out to the dock and sit there for hours, either reading or writing or just watching the waves.


4. What are some of your reading pet peeves?


I find that I have more pet peeves since I’ve become a writer, and I sometimes wish I could just go back to being an innocent reader who was just in it for the story. Nowadays, I think the thing that really brings me out of a story is when a book has too much of the info-dump and backstory.


5. Do your characters stick with you after you've finished a book and if so, how do you handle it?


There are definitely characters whose stories don’t feel finished, and that’s when I try to see if there’s room to continue their books. But sometimes the characters get their story and that’s all there is. As much as I have loved getting to know them, the important story is told and the reader now has the gift of being able to imagine for themselves what might come next.


6. How do you handle writer's block?


Ugh. Writer’s block sucks so bad. I wish I didn’t suffer from it, but I do. I have personal stresses and a busy home life like everyone else does, and sometimes those things can interrupt the writing and get in the way of the muse. I have to power through it and keep writing, even if I know I’m not writing my best. At least when I have something on the page, I can go back to it later and fix it.


7. What motivates you to write your books?


I get ideas every day, and I just can’t keep them in. I see the look in someone’s eyes and I want to know what they’re thinking. I start making up scenarios (it’s a sickness) and before I know it there’s a book there.


8. Tell us a little about your book...


In Bed with the Competition is the story of two former friends who were on the verge of something more, but then they went into the same business as rivals, and realize that they can’t ignore the past…and they can’t ignore each other. 

JK Coi



Here’s the blurb!


This rivalry is too hot for the tropics…


Elizabeth Carlson and Ben Harrison used to be friends, coworkers...and almost lovers. But that was
before Ben proposed mixing business with pleasure. Elizabeth refuses to lose her heart to a hotshot tycoon with a cutthroat, take-no-prisoners attitude. Not with the prospect of starting her own company at stake.


Driven to succeed in all areas of his life, Ben couldn’t resist the temptation to make Liz his. But then she walked away, igniting a bitter rivalry. Competing for the same contract at a Caribbean conference ignites sparks too hot to ignore, and Ben’s determined to finish what they started, even if it’ll only last a few steamy, tropical nights.


Elizabeth’s resolve begins to crumble under Ben’s blatant seduction. Can she walk away from a hot island fling with the sexiest man she’s ever known with her heart intact, or will losing herself in Ben destroy everything she’s fought to achieve?

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  1. Nice interview

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. Great blurb! Love J.K's motivation for writing stories. That doesn't sound like a bad sickness to have. :)

    1. LOL Thanks Stina. It keeps me busy (but not necessarily out of trouble), that's for sure! :)

  3. Great interview for what sounds like an engaging book. Happy 4th of July!

  4. Happy 4th of July to you (and all the US readers! :) Here in Canada, sadly, it's just a regular work day

  5. Sounds like a You've Got Mail in reverse. Love the cover. I also live on a lake, so I get the wonderful reading spot. Thanks for visiting my blog, RR.

  6. Going by the sizzling blurb of "In bed with the competition", I'm screaming "Elizabeth! Run away now!!" LOL! Either that or I hope Ben gets taken down a peg or ten!!! LOL!!

    All the best JK Coi! I love the sound of your name! Reading/writing or just chilling out by the lake sounds utterly dreamy! Take care

    1. LOL Kitty, they both have a few lessons to learn in this book :)

  7. Smoking cover. :)

    I also enjoyed books a lot more before I became a serious, driven, going-to-be-published writer.

    I love the variations of characters within and across books. They should all be different.

    1. Hi Medeia!! I love the fact that two people will take a similar storyline and do completely different things with it...all based on the characters they see in their heads ;)

  8. I also like to write anywhere near water. And I wouldn't mind writing near or on the cover hottie.

  9. I'd rather be reading/writing on a beach. We have a pond in our backyard that's like the lake...but it doesn't do much for me, writing-wise!

  10. Smokin' cover is right! Shazam!

  11. Great interview! I wish I lived by a lake; I'm sure I'd love to read out on a dock.


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