Robin Gianna, Flirting With Dr. Off Limits & #Giveaway

 Please welcome author Robin Gianna as she answers some questions and she has giveaways!

After completing a degree in journalism, working in the advertising industry, then becoming a stay-at-home mom, Robin Gianna had what she likes to call her ‘awakening’. While on vacation, lying in the sun with a beach read, she realized she wanted to write the romance novels she'd loved since her teens.

Robin loves pushing her characters toward their own happily-ever-afters! When she's not writing, Robin's life is filled with a happily messy kitchen, a needy garden, a wonderful husband, three great kids, a drooling bulldog and one grouchy Siamese cat.

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Please tell us in one sentence why we should read your book

            Flirting With Dr. Off-Limits is built on two romance tropes I think are fun—friends to lovers and teacher/student, and if you enjoy medical romance, I believe you’ll find that part of the book interesting and enjoyable as well.

What was your favorite scene to write?

            I particularly enjoyed weaving together the medical mystery involving one patient in the book.  It was fun to learn about metabolic acidosis and its mnemonic MUDPILES, and have the heroine ultimately figure out the patient’s problem, showing her increasing confidence as a new doctor as the story unfolds.

What is your dream cast for the book?

            Ah, this is a hard question!  I think Ryan Reynolds would be awesome as surgeon Alec Armstrong and I can easily see Emma Stone doing a wonderful job playing Katy.

What are you working on now?
            My current work in progress that’s nearing ‘The End’ is a book I’ve set near Delphi, Greece.  It features an archaeologist heroine and doctor hero.  The heroine is determined to honor her late parents by finishing the archaeological dig they began before their deaths on Mt. Parnassus.  But that becomes a challenge when a mysterious illness strikes several members of the team. The hero wants her to play it safe by shutting down the dig until they figure out why some people are getting sick, and isn’t at all happy that the heroine is being obstinate about that! 

Tell us a little about your book...
            I set this book in San Diego, which is a place I love to visit.  I’d planned on more beach/water scenes because it’s so much a part of the place, but ran out of space to put in much of ithat!  I enjoyed learning about a number of things in the process of writing the medical scenes, and hope readers find them as interesting as I did.  As for the story, I honestly think the blurb sums it up nicely! 
Flirting with the forbidden...

For intern Dr. Katy Pappas, seeing delectable surgeon Alec Armstrong again is sweet torture! He might have rejected her after their sinfully delicious kiss years before, but he still sets her pulse racing!

Alec is captivated by gorgeous, grown-up Katy. But as his best friend’s sister, a colleague and his student, Katy is definitely off-limits! He’s made the mistake of mixing business with pleasure before, and he won’t risk Katy’s career. Yet can he resist the oh-so-wrong when it feels oh-so-right...?

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  1. You had me at Ryan Reynolds! Best of the best for the book.

    1. Somehow, I goofed and my reply is below, Leslie, but yes. Ryan Reynolds? Enough said :-)

  2. Ha, Leslie! I try not to think of him for every book I write - I throw in Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper occasionally too ;-)

  3. I love how the girl on the cover looks very similar to Robin. Nice touch. Congratulations, Robin!

    1. A strange but fun coincidence, Joylene! :-) Thanks for your congrats!

  4. Your WIP sounds intriguing! (My WIP is set in Athens, Greece.)

    1. Really, Sherry? Would you tell me about it via email at or my Facebook page? I'd love to hear about it! Good luck!

  5. San Diego sounds like a nice setting for a book (so does Greece). Even if you weren't able to fit in the beach scenes you had originally planned. :)

    Best of luck, Robin!

  6. I'm in love with that title! I love the 'falling in love with best friend's sibling' trope.

    1. I'm glad, Stina! I've had a few friends say it sums up the story in five words :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. My kitchen's always messy--but not because I cook! Congratulations to Robin on her new release!

    1. You've got me curious, Stephanie - what's it messy with then? Books?? :-) Thanks for your congrats!

  8. I'd also love to visit San Diego and Greece is an amazing setting. I'm pleased to meet Robin.

  9. Ooh, love the idea of a medical mystery in between the romance - and the archaeological aspect of the next book. Such fun research areas while writing!


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