Intro on: Cheryl Rosario & Betrayed Hearts

 Our Intro on Author is on Cheryl Rosario and her debut book, Betrayed Hearts. 

Cheryl lives in a picturesque town just out of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two adult children, two Border Collie babies, an old bath tub of gold fish, newly acquired chickens, the local birdlife and one rather cantankerous cat. When she’s not at her desk writing or at work you’ll find her walking, reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle or two, on the ride-on mower or occasionally weeding the garden. She loves getting up early and taking photos of the sunrise.

This was a trek of discovery. Pushing herself beyond the norm and out of her comfort zone. Never in Cheryl’s wildest dreams would she have considered achieving this goal a reality. But instead found a determination hidden among the fears and hurdles of life. By following her dream, Cheryl unearthed a love of story and self-development which now feeds her curiosity daily.

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·  If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?


My day job is working as a Learning Support Officer in a primary school. I work in classrooms with children who have specials needs. A challenging and rewarding profession. But if I could I’d love to be a gardener. Growing fruit and vegies to feed the family as well as creating beautiful, quiet garden rooms for us to enjoy and get lost in. Our own piece of paradise.


·  Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?


Not as yet. My book has only been out a short time, but eventually I think I will pluck up the courage to see what people think of my work.


·  Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?


No I haven’t discovered the art of foreshadowing to that extent as yet.



·  What was your hardest scene to write?


The most difficult scene for me to get my head around was when Jack and Lindy go away for the weekend. He plans to surprise her with a getaway and a proposal but that plan comes unstuck when her ex-husband contacts her while they’re at dinner. Lindy discovers Jack’s jealous nature and his refusal to be open and transparent with his feeling. Discovering Jack and Lindy’s limits and pushing them both towards them proved to be a difficult place for me to write. This conflict sets in motion their first real fight and one where she gives him an ultimatum. Leaving Jack fully aware of what Lindy is nonnegotiable for their relationship if there’s any chance of a life together. This scene took a long time to find its way to the page.


·  Tell us about your book...


A dreadful addiction. A history of deceit. Can a chance meeting lead to true love?


When the children are left shattered by his drug addicted wife’s temper, Jack’s hell-bent on starting again. With a little help, he’s determined to save his children from any more heartache, no matter the cost to himself. It’s time to find a new normal for his family.


After an anonymous letter, Lindy discovers her husband’s appalling deceit. She ends her marriage and takes swift action to safeguard herself. Her children, who are now young adults, lose contact with their mother, forcing Lindy to face the harsh reality of their rejection. Busying her overactive mind, Lindy directs her energy to helping others.


Together Jack and Lindy work to find a way forward. But having to face the past wasn’t part of their future until they no longer had a choice. She is determined to protect the innocent now. But will she ever see her own children again?


Betrayed Heart, is the first book in the Chester’s Run series of small-town sweet romance. If you like sweet romance with a touch of suspense and a chance meeting then you’ll enjoy the first book by Cheryl Rosario

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  3. That's a beautiful profession she's got. As someone who worked in primary schools for many years, I have fond memories of colleagues of mine who performed similar jobs. My utmost respect and admiration to all of them.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. The job can be very intense but at the end of the day it's so rewarding.

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