Intro on: Annie West & Contracted to Her Greek Enemy

This week we have author Annie West sharing about her processes. She has a new book out, Contracted to Her Greek Enemy. 

Australian Annie West loves writing passionate, intense romances and not just because it gives her a chance to ignore housework! She is a USA Today Bestselling author, published in 25 languages. Annie writes contemporary stories about charismatic heroes and strong heroines. She loves being in contact with readers as far apart as Brisbane, Bremen and Bermuda. When not writing and avoiding housework she can be found walking, enjoying good food and good company, travelling and reading.

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  1. What is your writing Kryptonite?
Being away from my story for an extended time. It might be for positive reasons like a lovely holiday or an extended visit from friends or family, or for negative reasons such as ill health. Whatever the cause, if I don’t visit the story (opening the manuscript and getting back into the minds of my characters), it’s incredibly tough recapturing the feel of the story. I end up second guessing what I’m writing and worry that I’m disconnected from the story. That’s when I have to dive deep, read my way back into the story and connect with my hero and heroine.
  1. Do you take refreshment breaks away from your desk or do you keep writing?
I do take breaks from writing through the day though they are usually short, except for lunch when I try to turn my mind to other things. As for refreshment, I’ll often get up to do some small chore for ten minutes so I’m not sitting too long, then make my morning or afternoon tea or coffee and bring it back to my desk, using that as the spur to get back into writing.
  1. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
I tend to write the story that appeals to me. Of course I aim not to cover ground I’ve covered before, or maybe deal with a loved theme in a different way, but no matter how original the idea or how much readers might like it, it has to be a story that moves me. If I’m not passionate about the book then I’ll find another project that excites me. I’d love to think I can deliver what readers want and yes, I do get some wonderful feedback. At the same time I’ve learned that what works for one reader won’t appeal to another. It might be the theme, the setting, the way a character responds to a situation or even a character’s name! I write the best story I can and hope for the best.
  1. Tell us about your book...
Imagine cruising the Greek islands on a private yacht with a hunky billionaire… Damen offers Steph two million dollars to play the part of his girlfriend and, despite her instant urge to refuse (because she’s already learned how much he can hurt her), circumstances make that impossible. This fake relationship isn’t for personal gain but to protect someone. The trouble is that Damen and Steph then find themselves in close quarters with the one person in the world who gets under their skin and makes them feel far too much for comfort. Soon Damen isn’t so concerned about the reasons for their pretend relationship as he is about making it real. I love it when a hero’s plan comes so spectacularly undone!
The story came about because Steph and Damen appeared in ‘Wedding Night Reunion in Greece’ last year. As soon as that book came out I started fielding queries about whether they’d get their own story. That sparked an idea for what I’d hoped would be a Christmas short story exclusively for my newsletter readers but in the end it grew too big for a short so I found myself writing this enemies-to-lovers book. The idea grabbed me immediately. As soon as I began writing the characters sparked off each other and seemed to leap off the page. The setting was so inviting I looked forward to writing every day and I loved the happy ending Steph and Damen found together.

Contracted to Her Greek Enemy

“I wouldn’t date you for a million dollars.”“How about two million?”

Stephanie Logan would love to throw Damen Nicolaides’s outrageous proposal that she pose as his girlfriend back in his face, but the truth is she needs his money to save her family.

The arrogant Greek seduced and discarded her once before, so Steph makes sure their contract says Damen can’t kiss her again! But she might soon regret that clause. Because trapped in paradise with her enemy, his all-too-potent chemistry is pushing her ever closer to breaking point!

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  1. The fake romance troupe is fun! Thanks for sharing your writing processes. Good luck with your new release!

  2. This was so interesting for reading. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. I agree with the author. It's incredibly tough to get back into writing with any vacation or major jolt in the writing process. great interview.

  4. Great interview. I also find it so interesting to learn about a writer's process.

  5. Great interview and sounds like a great read:)

  6. Hi Nas – and Annie – published in 25 languages …??? Amazing – I’m retiring quietly to my English retreat!!

    However I can see how this book came about … especially being encouraged by your readers from a previous story. They sound enticing as good romantic reads. Congratulations.

    Stay safe to you both - Hilary

  7. Fun interview! I enjoy learning about an author's writing process. I love a great romance, and this one sounds like a wonderful and romantic vacation away from real life. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  8. Romantic cover. Thank you for sharing these about yourself. Congratulations on the book.

  9. I like the sound of this story.

  10. Great interview. I journey where Annie West stories took me. Her books are very interesting and like an antidotes to me. Contracted to Her Greek Enemy is a wonderful story,her writing with between two people with deep connection , emotions, fun, understanding and caring. Congratulations on the latest book.


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