Intro on: Phillipa Nefri Clark, The Secrets of Palmerston House & The Christmas Key

This week we are bringing author Phillipa Nefri Clark. She has two new books in her Christie Ryan Romantic Mystery series. 

Phillipa lives just outside a beautiful small town in country Victoria, with her two sons, husband, and labrador dog. She also lives in the many worlds of her imagination and stockpiles stories beside her laptop. With a passion for music, the ocean, nature, reading, and writing, she draws on her life experiences to bring colour and depth to her characters.

Her first novel – The Stationmaster’s Cottage – is a multi platform bestseller and has won reader awards and cover design awards. With one series complete, Phillipa is planning a stand-alone novel then a second series within mystery romance. In addition, she writes a paranormal suspense series of short stories.

On the web:

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What is your writing Kryptonite? 

Self-doubt. I still question myself as an author every day. But, I’m learning to channel this into productivity and feed off the feelings rather than let them stop me.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? 

Yes. I also write a paranormal thriller series. Short stories connected by one character. As they are quite different from my mystery romance novels, I had the first cover made under my maiden name. It was quickly pointed out to me I should let my current readers decide if they wanted to also read these, or not. So, that growing series is also under my real name.

The Secrets of Palmerston House: A Christie Ryan Romantic Mystery (River's End Book 3)

1853. A fateful game of poker changed the fortunes of two families forever. A home was lost. But what was left behind? 

2018. The wedding of Christie Ryan and Martin Blake is only weeks away and River’s End is buzzing with excitement. 

But when a stranger arrives at Palmerston House, a new mystery arises. How does he know so much about the Ryan family, and what do a nineteenth century diary, a grandfather clock, and an old key have in common?

As a dangerous plot unfolds, long hidden secrets threaten to change everything held dear to the town.

The Secrets of Palmerston House will sweep you on a journey to the past and back, where enduring friendships warm the heart, a sad goodbye brings a new start, and the power of true love shines.

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The Christmas Key: A Christie Ryan Romantic Mystery Novella (River's End Book 4)

A hot summer Christmas Day is just around the corner in the Australian seaside town of River’s End. Beachside BBQs and sumptuous dinners are on the menu.

But Martha Blake is like a dog with a bone, determined to solve the last of the cottage mysteries. She and great-niece Christie begin a secret investigation.

Meanwhile, Thomas is busy with his own clues and enlists a reluctant Martin. 

At Palmerston House, loving new couple Elizabeth and Angus face their greatest obstacle, and it might be too much to overcome. 

With everyone working at cross-purposes, who will find themselves in the middle, cast back into memories of a terrible mistake?

Is love enough this time, as the beloved residents of River’s End deal with the fallout of the old mystery? Who, or what, will bring them all together in time for Christmas?

The Christmas Key is a heartwarming novella rounding off the Christie Ryan Romantic Mystery series with the last of the secrets revealed, and delightful Christmas magic to touch the favourite residents of River's End.

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    1. Thank you! I loved writing the whole series - mystery and romance just fit so well together. :-)

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    1. Wow... thank you so much! I do hope you love them!

  3. Both books look interesting. I really love the cover for The Secrets of Palmerston House! Wishing Phillipa all the best!

  4. Interesting to see the reason as to why she chose to go with her own name over a pen name in the end! Also, I can relate to the self doubt. Pushing through and writing regardless is part of the hard job that comes with writing :) You can do it!

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  5. The Secrets of Palmerston House looks interesting. Thanks for the intro to this author!