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The Making of a Hero

By Adite Banerjie

A Hero is one who saves the day and gets the girl. Simple? Not.

Choosing Mr. Right for my feisty, independent Heroine, Maya Shome, proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. Krish Dev, my Hero, needed to be Alpha Male to get her attention, but all brooding hunkiness and unabashed arrogance was not going to have her swooning.

I didn’t have to dig deep for inspiration though. I flashed back to some of the heroes I have loved as a reader and avid movie buff.  The brooding, devil-may-care Rick Blaine from Casablanca, the charming but arrogant Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind, the suave and sexy Edward Lewis played to such immaculate perfection by Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and Bollywood’s very own charming playboy Raj in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

So, who is Krish Dev? He is the aloof and reluctant heir to his father’s colossal business empire. He lives life on his own terms and yet cannot—rather will not—back away from his responsibilities. He is a pragmatist who is a sensitive soul at the core. And he definitely can have the ladies swooning with his moves on the dance floor! Clearly this reluctant tycoon would be more than a match for Maya.  

And here’s a sneak peek at what happens when they first set eyes on each other…..

She scanned the Ballroom looking for her quarry and couldn’t help notice that the choice of floral decoration was the exquisite lavender rose.  A sharp pang twisted through her, reminding her of Papa, who had perfected the art of growing these beautiful, exotic flowers. She reached out to touch a delicate petal. The presence of Papa’s special flower was like a good omen; as if he was watching over her. She felt lucky tonight.

“Beautiful!” drawled a deep, gravelly voice.

Maya’s eyes darted towards the man standing a couple of feet away from her. Awareness zinged through her as her eyes clashed with a pair of dark, dancing eyes set in a face that was all sharp angles, framed by thick cropped hair. It should have made for an all too severe effect but for the deep cleft that dented his chin. His lopsided sexy smile had her pulse doing a crazy dance. He left her in no doubt that she was the object of his appraisal.

Flustered, she dragged her eyes away from his sexy cleft chin and tried to gather her scattered wits. “It’s a shame to present such beauty with so little imagination.”

“You would have done it differently?”

She stole a quick look at him. The light stubble only accentuated his chiselled jaw while his cream-coloured silk shirt parted ever so slightly to reveal a superbly toned body.

“Maybe,” she replied, annoyed at herself for being so easily waylaid by his sex appeal which he no doubt regularly used with deadly precision on women at parties
like these.

“You’re right.” He turned his mesmerising dark eyes on her again. “Exotic beauties need to be treated with more delicacy and…”  He gave her a slow look-over, “imagination.”  Her body thrummed with awareness.

 He smiled knowingly, almost as if he’d felt her instinctive jolt of reaction, and held out his hand, “I am Krish.”


“It will be a pleasure to get to know you,” he murmured almost to himself, as he turned the handshake into something less formal, more intimate, touching his lips to her fingers. Maya felt the tremor of awareness go up a notch higher on her internal Richter scale.


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    1. Thanks Stina! The cover is brilliant, isn't it? :)

  2. I'm so happy to see romance books with Indians! My husband is Indian ;).

    1. Hi Beth. Hope you get a chance to read my book! :)

  3. I am very much looking forward to reading this one cingrats on the release

    Have Fun

  4. I love the cover and description. I'm pleased to meet the author.

  5. Hi Medeia. Thanks for dropping by! Nice to meet you too! :)

  6. Having been fortunate enough to review this book, I can honestly say that it is a moving, heartwarming and rewarding read. I hope it does really well.

    1. Thanks Maria. You were among the first readers of the book and I so appreciate your support and encouragement! Cheers! :)

  7. Looks like a book worth reading.


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