Debut Paranormal Author Christina De Mello With A Giveaway

For a change from romance, we're welcoming a paranormal author to Romance Reader, or an author of supernatural fiction, to be precise.  Christina hails from Lucknow in India and has just released her debut CHAMELEON,  a collection of horror stories dealing with the supernatural and it's quite a chilling read.  Christina lived in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), a city which, like Lucknow, is steeped in history, for many years.  She plans to retire to Goa in the future, where she can devote herself to her favourite activity - writing fiction which explores the darker side and the paranormal world.


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You write of the paranormal and the supernatural. What’s your favorite genre to read?
I love a good murder mystery, books on self- help and of course, ghost stories.

Who are the authors who have influenced you most?
I would say Edgar Allan Poe. Just love his stories. 

What inspires you to write?
Anything bizarre that captures my imagination.

Will you continue to write in this genre or have you any desire to write in a different genre?
Yes. I will continue to write in this genre. I want to be known as a horror writer.

Will you continue with short stories or will you move towards longer fiction?
It is rather difficult to sustain horror and suspense in a work of long fiction. Let’s leave that to the great masters of horror. So yes, I’ll continue with the short stories.


A collection of short stories dealing with the supernatural by debut Indian author Christina De Mello.   Currently available in print only, it should be released as an ebook soon.

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Christina has an ebook copy of the book for one person who leaves a comment.  So please leave a comment before you leave.


  1. Thanks for joining us on Romance Reader this week, Christina.

  2. Oh, I'm a huge fan of Paranormal stories and Ghost ones too! Loved reading this interview.

    Congratulations Christina.

    Thanks for the interview, Maria!

  3. Great to meet you Christina.

    CHAMELEON does looks fabulous.

  4. Great interview, ladies. CHAMELEON looks like a terrific read.


    1. Thanks Suzanne. Do let me know if you get to read it.


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