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My First Romance vs My Memory & Goodreads


When I was eleven, I had to have a surgery which left me out of the regular outdoor playtime activities. Until that point, as a rather severe dyslexic, I had never read for pleasure. Reading caused headaches, I could do it but it wasn’t fun.

Until my mom gave me a copy of a decades-old Harlequin Romance by Essie Summers called No Orchids By Request, and TRICKED me into reading it.

I don’t know if I loved that book so much because the pump was primed—I was almost twelve, very interested in boys, and had a whopper of an imagination that craved stories—or if the book really was as good as it is in my memory.

The first time I read it, it took a while, more than a week. Then I read it again. And a few more times after that. I don’t have the copy anymore, though the cover has been etched into my memory.

So, the other day, I decided to look it up on Goodreads. Two main camps exist on Goodreads when it comes to this book: Camp5* and Camp3*-- and when I read the reviews I can’t tell if it was written with a recent read in mind, if it was read with the idea that it is nearly 50 years old, or if it withstands modern sensibilities in a read. (I know this was a no-nookie-booky though, or I wouldn’t have been allowed to read it). All the data is skewed. I have to go to the source.

I had to buy a copy.

I’m in the middle of writing toward a December 1 deadline, so I’m kind of glad it’s not available in eformat, my curiosity has roused to the point where I am pretty darned sure that if I had it in my hot little hands at this instant, I’d put my deadline aside for a few hours to read. In the name of Science, you understand, AND ART. And how often do we get to combine Science and Art? Not nearly enough.


Have you ever revisited a book which you loved long ago? Did it stand up to time for you? Was it as captivating now as it was the first time(s) you read it?

Amalie has her debut novel out now. Check this link out!

Craving Her Rough Diamond Doc

Her first sighting of Dr. Wyatt Beauchamp is of him with his shirt off—all deliciously bronzed corded muscle and mouthwatering abs—and nurse Imogen Donally hopes the next six months working in his remote mountain practice will be…more interesting than she'd originally thought! Only, her Dr. Tall, Dark and Handsome quickly proves to be more Tall, Dark and Seriously Brooding…. Tough cookie Imogen has no desire ever to settle down, but even she is reluctantly intrigued by a man just as haunted by the past as she is. Could a red-hot fling with the sexy, stubborn doc be Imogen's undoing?

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  1. I haven't revisited a book from my childhood, but now I'm really curious to find out how I'd react. I imagine some books would captivate me more now than they did then; some, less.


    1. The suspense is killing me too(though I kind of want the delivery to take a while. Or my deadline wants that).

      The only thing I really remember about it is a little poem in the story that the heroine wrote. I didn't even remember the title or the author( though I did remember the picture of the cover), and Googling that little snippet of poetry actually found the book for me. I was amazed. I hope I'm still amazed by it when it comes, but I'm afraid that I've built it up too high in my memory...

  2. I first read an M&B when I was eleven. I found it down the back of the sofa in a friend's holiday home. And so began my tryst with romance fiction. The book was called GIRL ABOUT TOWN. And so the obsession began. Congrats on your book Amalie, I've got to read it, I've got it in my TBR pile.

    1. 11 seems to be a very common age for the first M&B!

      Thank you, Maria, and I hope you enjoy it :)

  3. I wonder if it will be a 3 or 5 for you.

    I have favorites from way back then, that I re-read now & again. They have stood up to the test of time.

    1. I wonder if I'll be able to be honest with myself about it if it isn't a 5 for me anymore :D

      I'll put up a review on Goodreads when I get done, if anyone's interested in following up. Though it won't be until December. Come on December!

  4. I have revisited a book I read a while ago. It's surprising how much you don't remember!

    1. Did it stand up to your expectations, Sherry?

  5. I read a few Junie B. Jones books again not too long ago. Some 12 years after reading them for the first time and they STILL made me laugh!

  6. So I need to revisit an old favourite.
    The thing is, how far back should I go? Mmm, let me see... *dons thinking cap*

  7. Great story! And the book looks amazing. Such difference in the covers today, as well as the stories! LOL

    My favorite go back to novel is Gone With The Wind!

    Congratulations Amalie! Wishing you all the best!

  8. Winner selected via magic name picker(gosh I love people who can write fun computer codes and give them away)


  9. Hi Nas and Amalie .. what an interesting read - and what turned you on to reading .. I guess I was always lucky I read ... I used to love Georgette Heyer and the Angelique series .. prior to that the detective series various, and then onwards and upwards ...

    Cheers and lucky Robin .. enjoy - Hilary


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