Suzanne Ross Jones Back With A New Book - And a GIVEAWAY

We're delighted to welcome, all the way from Scotland,  Suzanne Ross Jones aka Suzanna Ross, back to Romance Reader to tell us all about her latest release, YOUR SECRET SMILE.  Suzanne, as our regular readers will know, is an author of contemporary, sweet romance novels.  The latest, YOUR SECRET SMILE, is the first in her new series, MONTCRAIG SWEETHEARTS.  In the past year, Suzanne released her first novel, following it up with a short story anthology and there have been two more novels since then, so she's been busy.  And as if that wasn't quite enough, she's a contributor to the Minxes of Romance anthology, BLAZE too.


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I'm excited that you're writing a series.  Tell us about Montcraig Sweethearts?

Montcraig is a small Scottish town where romance is often in the air.Grace and Sean are the first two Montcraig Sweethearts – and now they’ve found their HEA, Sean’s brothers will be returning for the wedding. The oldest of the McIver boys is a workaholic who, up until now, has been too busy to find lasting love. I’ve a feeling his visit might change that.

How do you feel about writing a series?  Excited?  Terrified?

Really, really exited. When I wrote Your Secret Smile, a series was the last thing on my mind. But the very lovely Caroline Storer made the suggestion in a comment on my blog and I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head. Montcraig is a lovely town – filled with interesting people. Finishing the book had been upsetting as I hadn’t wanted to leave the place – now I’ve decided to make it into a series I get to go back and visit many more times.

It's been a hectic year.  You're a multi-published author now with quite an impressive backlist now and in less than a year.  How does it feel?

I still can’t quite believe it. My short stories have appeared in magazines for a couple of years, but it’s a completely different experience to know that readers are buying a collection made up
exclusively of my work. The pocket novel experience has been wonderful, too. To see my novellas in print in soft paperback form has been amazing – and each of these three pocket novels has also been sold to a large print publisher. One has been published so far (with
the other two to follow next year) – and there was cake aplenty in the Ross Jones house the day my author copies arrived. Self-publishing the three on Kindle seemed the logical next step – and it’s a real thrill to know that these stories are being bought and read.

Sum up YOUR SECRET SMILE in a Tweet?

Sean McIver’s back – but not everyone is pleased to see him.

What's your next project.

I’m currently preparing a second collection of previously published short stories for Kindle. The Housewarming & other stories will – like The Baby of the Family – contain twelve short stories previously published in the very popular British magazine, The People’s Friend. I’m hoping to have this available some time before Christmas.

A third anthology is planned for early next year – these stories will be slightly different in that they will mostly have twist endings (stories that have previously appeared in publications such as The Weekly News, That’s Life (Australia), My Weekly…)

As for new work, I’ve only just this week finished the first draft of a new novella – at the moment it’s in desperate need of much redrafting. Once that’s done, I’ll be back to the short stories for a
while. And I’m already planning the next Montcraig Sweethearts story (with Sean’s hard-working brother).

Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog today, Nas. It’s always such a pleasure to visit.

You're welcome Suzanne.  And readers, Suzanne will give an ecopy of one of her backlist books to one person who comments, so please leave a comment before you go.


When Sean McIver left town to go travelling, he took a piece of Grace Anderson’s heart with him. It’s taken years for her to get over him, but at last she’s happy on her own. Her time is filled with good friends and fulfilling work as a maths teacher. But when Sean returns it’s obvious he’s intent on causing havoc in her well ordered life.

Sean had only been gone five minutes when he realised he should never have left Grace. Over the years, she has never been far from his thoughts. When he’s offered a job at the school in his old hometown, he hopes this will be a chance to make up for past mistakes – particularly as Grace now works at the same school. All he needs to do is convince Grace that an art teacher with a head full of dreams can be compatible with a practical maths specialist.

This is a sweet romance and was previously published as a People's Friend Pocket Novel. It will appear (early 2014) in libraries in the UK and Commonwealth as a large print Linford Romance. 
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  1. I love Scotland! This was a great interview and the book sounds terrific~

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Shelley. I'm originally from Wales, but have spent most of my adult life in Scotland - and I also love it :0)


  2. It's lovely to go back to characters you love and to take them a bit further along on their journey. I know Montcraig Sweethearts will be a huge success, Suzanne. Good luck with it. Rx

    1. Lovely to see you here, Rena. And thank you so much.



  3. I really enjoyed this interview, Suzanne. You richly deserve your success and long may it continue. It's a wonderful idea to keep an excellent character alive and flourishing and to see them develop further. Many congratulations. xxx

  4. I loved Sean and Grace's story, and so will you peeps! Caroline xx

  5. I love how the book was summed up in a tweet :)

  6. I'm looking forward to reading this series. It sounds like my kind of read.


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