Anna Campbell's Midnight's Wild Passion!

My Pleasant Surprise
Recently, I received my first author signed book. I was overjoyed with the thought and felt like I was walking on cloud nine. To me, this incident was a big deal because the book happened to be Midnight’s Wild Passion by Anna Campbell. Instantly, I dropped the book I was reading and began the journey into Anna Campbell’s book. From the first few pages, I was hooked. I fell in love with the unique story of Nicolas and Antonia. Not only was this my first author signed book, it was also the first historical for me to read.
(Just look at this cover -->)
Each scene sent me into a realm of imagination where there were chaperones, debutants and halls filled with ballroom dancing. I pictured Antonia as Keira Knightly with her beautifully decorated flowing gown and Nicolas to be Hugh Jackman with the gentleman attire. It was a marvel to watch how these two characters met and how their inner feelings stirred at the sight of one another.
Author Anna Campbell has done a splendid job of crafting Nicolas Challoner’s character in shades of grey. It was interesting to see how a man whose priority in life was to take revenge by ruining an innocent debutant evolved into a person who would do anything for the woman he fell unconditionally in love with.
Antonia Hilliard, a fierce chaperone, seemed to come alive as soon as Nicolas walked into her life. Her heart began to desire something which she had  thought was buried too deep to be brought back. Although Antonia was mildly aware of Nicolas’s evil intentions towards her cousin, Cassie, she couldn’t stop the inevitable, that is, fall in love with the rake.
The passion amid them sizzled, and the love which grew between them had melted both of their hearts. No one would have imaged a dragon of a chaperone to fall in love with London’s notorious rake. Even Nicolas couldn’t stop the way Antonia made him feel.
Thank You Anna Campbell for this wonderful romance! And making me escape into Historical times!
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  1. Yummy! This read sounds wonderful!

  2. I haven't read a historical romance in ages. I do admire writers who write them though. Lots of research and hard work to get everything just so, plus crafting an interesting story. Not an easy job. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one,Riya.

  3. Wow...that cover is gorgeous! I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much. It's always cool to have a signed copy. I keep my signed books on a special shelf.

  4. The cover and description are awesome.

    I remember my first signed book. It came from one of my favorite authors and I still have it.

  5. That sounds awesome - I love the rake bent on revenge!

  6. There's really nothing like a good book, is there? Whatever the genre.

  7. Hi JL,

    All the details that go in Historical romances are so painstakingly researched. Which is half the battle won for transporting us into that era.
    I did enjoy Anna Campbell's Midnight's Wild Passion.

  8. Hello Sharon,

    It was a fantastic feeling to receive my very first signed book!

  9. Hi Medeia,

    Thank you for your lovely commnet!

  10. Hello Susan!

    Thanks for coming along to read my views on Midnight's Wild Passion!

  11. Theresa, I wish I lived in Regency times and got to wear these dresses! Thank you.

  12. Maria, I have to agree with you completely here!

  13. Yum, sizzling passion. What a great review!

  14. Hi Deniz! And it's a Historical! Thank you for your lovely comment!

  15. That's a beautiful cover! I'm glad you loved it so much! It sounds fabulous.

  16. Awwww sounds utterly utterly utterly dreamy even if the characters are tinged with a little badness but ultimately find redemption with true love! Nice!!

    Thanks for the review and recommendation!

    Take care


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