Intro: Dani Collins, Bought by Her Italian Boss #Giveaway

This week Intro on Author is on Dani Collins and her latest release Bought by Her Italian Boss. And there giveaway of a kindle copy of it!

Canadian Dani Collins is an award-winning, USA Today Bestselling author of two dozen sexy, witty, vibrant romances written for Harlequin Presents, Tule’s Montana Born and herself. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is adjusting to being an empty-nester. She doesn’t have any hobbies. She’s too busy writing.

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What are a few things we would find in your office?

  • Author copies (of course!) How many? Gosh… three or four hundred if I added them all up, probably. I really need to make another donation to local libraries!
  • Carpet rolls (leftovers from recent flooring project. It’s a bit of a Persian market in her at the moment. We don’t have anywhere else to store them!)
  • A three-by-five foot mirror with a gilt frame that belonged to my grandmother – same again about not having anywhere else to store it
  • A wall full of whiteboards and dry erase calendars and other notes (I always think this will make me feel organized, but the feeling only lasts a few minutes…)
  • Empty boxes because I keep telling myself I’ll ‘organize’ and ‘dung out.’ I should probably just take away the empty boxes. That would tidy things up considerably!

When did you start writing and why?

I began reading romance in high school and almost immediately wanted to write it. I love the happily ever after. I’m addicted to hope and that’s what these books deliver. I also love the intimate workings of relationships. I love exploring that as I set up characters at odds, then help them find a way to come together.

Share something about your writing process that no one else knows?

I hate talking about my works in progress! Once a book is done, I’m fine, but while I’m writing I can easily fall into self-doubt so I tend to keep my projects locked down until I feel like I know they’re solid.

Lately I’ve been working on a quartet for Harlequin Presents. The first two are done and dusted, but I still don’t want to talk about the over-arcing premise because two still have to be written.

What was your favorite scene to write?

Oh, I loved writing this book. So many scenes were fun! The book opens with Gwyn discovering nude photos of her have appeared online and she’s suitably appalled. Things spiral from there. She has to face down her boss, Vito. To counter the conspiracy that has set her up, he suggests she pretend she’s his mistress. They can’t resist each other and there’s many a hot scene, including one in an elevator, which was the inspiration for the cover… Then, when they part near the end, the black moment nearly killed me to write. There’s an epilogue and I won’t tell you anything about that, but it was fun, too.

Bought By Her Italian Boss is connected to my very first Harlequin Presents, Proof Of Their Sin. The heroes are cousins and the couple from that book, Paolo and Lauren, visit Vito and Gwyn in this one. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but if you’ve read Proof Of Their Sin, you’ll love what happens to Paolo and Lauren in this one. That scene was a hoot to write.

Tell us about your book…

Vito and Paolo run an international bank. One of their clients is stealing and sets up Gwyn, trying to make her seem like a femme fatale who lured him into wrongdoing. Vito suggests Gwyn pretend she’s secretly been his mistress all along, to show she is aligned with him and that her loyalty is to the bank. Her affair with Vito is all about protecting the bank’s reputation, which scores her to the soul because Vito doesn’t really care that her entire life has been flushed down the toilet with this scandal.

At least, he doesn’t seem to care in the beginning… Gwyn is actually a very lonely person with few allies. Deep down, Vito is very protective and chivalrous. They are a wonderful match, but Vito has good reasons for never wanting to marry and have children so the affair is ultimately doomed.


An affair of convenience!

Gwyn Ellis is in big trouble. Scandalous photos of her have been released online, slandering her as an adulteress and threatening her hard-earned job with Donatelli International Bank. No one wants to hear how she's been framed…no one except her boss, the darkly sexy Vittorio Donatelli!

Vittorio will do anything to protect his company from scandal—he's kept the secret of his true parentage hidden for years. So if it means making stunning Gwyn his mistress to combat the vicious rumors, then he'll do it…with pleasure!

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  1. I loved reading through this interview, thanks so much for sharing. And congrats on the new release, Dani!

  2. Hi Nas and Dani - fascinating read and I think you'll be on to a winner here - the premise will draw readers in ... good luck to you both - cheers Hilary

  3. Three or four hundred copies? Gosh, I have to order mine from my small publisher and then I can only order 3 or 4. LOL

    1. I know. I give away some for guest blog posts and goodreads giveaways, but the foreign ones don't always have homes. :)

  4. This sounds very interesting!

  5. Another terrific interview, ladies.

    A couple DOZEN books under your belt already? Very impressive. I reckon it behooves me to read some of them. (And I'm off to Amazon...)

    1. Thanks Susan. I actually just turned in my 30th. O_o

  6. Your office sounds fun and your book sounds great:)

  7. Hello, Dani! Best of luck with the new release.

  8. I thought it was interesting when I found out we could find carpet rolls in her office at a glance, but of course she did have a suitable reasoning to match that. I also really like the sound of this one kicking off with such an intense moment and everything spiraling from there!

    1. Ha! Then my daughter moved in for a couple of weeks while changing cities and we now have a whole second set of furniture taking up space in our dining room. Oy!

  9. I was a big romance reader in high school. I donated and stored a lot of stuff this summer and my office space is a lot roomier.

    This looks like a great read.

    1. Thanks Medeia,
      Yes, I'm waiting until both kids are out of the house (empty nest starts in a couple of weeks) then I'm doing a HUGE clean up. :)

  10. I was a big romance reader in high school too.

    This book seems to have a lot of twists and turns. This boss definitely has an agenda!


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