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We invited author Robin Gianna to share with us about Creativity.

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A few weeks ago I took my mother to her watercolor class, and some of the students (all older adults) suggested I stay and try my hand at it. I responded that I’m not very artistic, and one of them said  “You must be artistic. You’re a writer!” 


Let me just say, I’ve learned that I have no abilities when it comes to visual arts. I’ve tried and failed until I realized it’s not my ‘thing.’  :-)  But her comment made me think about all the various pastimes that can be considered creative and artistic.


I do play piano, and have loved music since I was very young. I enjoy gardening, and that’s pretty creative at times, though Mother Nature often has her own ideas about how the garden should grow! I also love to cook. While sometimes it’s a chore just trying to get dinner on the table in the midst of a busy day, other times it’s really fun to try new recipes and experiment with dishes I’ve already made.


Things I have zero talent in? Well, I’ve already mentioned visual arts. I also can’t knit or crochet, have marginal sewing skills, and don’t have the patience or interest in things like scrapbooking. Yet I have friends and relatives who create amazing and beautiful things through all of the above.  My daughter is a talented artist in photography and drawing, and is studying graphic design in school. She likes to cook, but has not inherited my interest in gardening or piano (despite those music lessons I forced on her). We’ve all seen families where everyone plays one or more musical instruments.  So how much of creativity is nature vs nurture?


How about you?  Where does your creativity lie, and when did you first find the interest?  Did a parent share a similar interest, or have your own children shared yours?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Lovely thoughts about creativity -- I often feel the same way. I'm a writer too, and I can also sing (though it's very rare I'll do so in public) and I can do weird crafty things and decorating things (scrapbooking, I'm decent at very basic cake decoration, etc.) I sure wish I could paint though--that would be lovely.

  2. I do think some people are more 'creative' than others, in that they have more than one creative interest and talent. Writing, singing, crafts and cake decoration are an interesting combination of gifts!
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, Natalie! Here in Ohio we just got a lot of snow - maybe I'll try my hand at an artsy snowman ;-)

  3. Robin: Creativity is one of those wacky things that takes all shapes and sizes. Obviously,yours came out in writing. Can't wait to read CHANGED BY HIS SON'S SMILE.

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret! I like your description of creativity sometimes being 'wacky' - I think that can be very true!


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