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Rachel Kall writes romantic suspense.She enjoys writing spicy and suspenseful stories to keep readers guessing. She’s a lawyer by day and passionate about writing. Her favorite genres are romantic suspense and contemporary romance, but she’s always open to an amazing story in any genre.Rachel is a member of Romance Writers of America, KOD, and Georgia Romance Writers.She loves animals and is active in animal rescue.She enjoys adding loveable pets to her stories.She lives in Georgia with her husband and five furkids—two dogs and three cats.
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The Romance in Romantic Suspense

I love romantic suspense. It’s my favorite genre to read, and it’s what I write. What is it that romantic suspense offers that keeps me coming back again and again? The easy answer, of course, is the suspense. The drama and intrigue of knowing that from the moment you pick up the book there’s going to be life and death stakes. Page turning action and adventure! Bullets fly, secrets are stolen, and explosions rock the earth. The muscular and sexy hero always saves the day. The bad guys are going to pay—often with their lives.

But why else do I love romantic suspense? It’s because of the romance. Yes, the first part of romantic suspense. Building a romance in romantic suspense is a bit different than in other genres, and probably more challenging to develop. Many authors myself included struggle with the appropriate balance. How much romance versus how much suspense? For me, I love equal doses of each. The romance drives the story even with all the action packed, page turning suspense. So what you end up with is an exciting romance developed in dire and often life threatening situations. The emotions are stronger, the stakes are higher, and the love is passionate.

In my debut romantic suspense, Legally Undercover, Alex is faced with a life altering choice. Is she willing to risk her legal career to have a shot at love? All she has ever wanted her entire career is to make partner at a large law firm. She’s made many sacrifices to have a shot at making partner. But her goal is threatened the day when the sexy Pedro walks into her life. Pedro lures Alex into a top secret investigation and initially has absolutely no intention of a relationship with her. She is just a piece of his larger plan, and Alex has a plan of her own. Alex and Pedro shouldn’t be together. They both know it. What future could they possibly have together? She has high career goals, and he has dark secrets he must keep hidden to protect his family. When Alex takes a risk on Pedro, she does it realizing that it may cost her everything. Is it worth the risk?

I think we all know the answer has to be a resounding yes! And that’s why at the end of the day, even though it’s romantic suspense, it’s still about the romance. I read and write romantic suspense because even in the midst of the danger and despair, true love still conquers all.
What do you love about romantic suspense? How much romance should there be versus suspense?


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  1. Romantic suspense is a fantastic genre. All the best with your writing, Rachel.

  2. I love romance and adventure, so this is a definite genre for me. I prefer more emphasis on the suspense, but the relationship and romance are always there, hopefully blooming, even though it will ebb and flow.

  3. I love romantic suspense. It always keeps me on the edge of my seat with both elements.

  4. Thanks for visiting! And thanks for having me on your blog:)

  5. Hi Rachel Hi Nas

    Great to see you here Rachel and to read all about your work.

  6. Lovely to meet Rachel! I don't think i've read any romantic suspense books yet, but it sounds like an intriguing genre. I'll have to check this book out.

  7. Great to meet you! Your book sounds great.

    Hi, Nas!


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