Intro on: Robin Gianna, Tempted by the Brooding Surgeon

This week's Intro on Author is on Robin Gianna and her latest release, Tempted by the Brooding Surgeon.

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Favorites: Spending time with my family, walking outdoors, traveling and eating!

Frustrations: When I waste too much time, or get distracted and don't accomplish things I promised myself I'd do

Fabulous: Having become friends with readers and writers and others in the publishing business from all over the world.

The one man who won’t let her in…

…is the only man she wants!

Annabelle Richards arrives in Peru to find she’ll be working with renowned surgeon Daniel Ferrera—the man who almost ruined her career! She’s worked too hard to let him get in her way again. But when Annabelle learns that Daniel’s brooding exterior hides a wealth of pain, an unexpected passion ignites between them. Will temptation prove too much to resist?

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  1. Hi Nas and Robin ... sounds like a delightful read - set in an interesting part of the world ... thanks for the shout out on this book - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi, Hilary! I originally planned to set this story somewhere in Central America, as my doctor friend who's a pediatric anesthesiologist (and the person I endlessly pumped for information!) has done all her mission trips there. But then I discovered Peru is another country with many medical missions, and thought it was interesting how dramatic the wealthy haves vs how the have-nots live would work better with my hero being from there. Hope you enjoy! :-)

  2. Love the set up for this one. I hate when I get off task. I had that kind of morning and a task that normal take about an hour and half took well over two.

  3. This is my first enemies-to-lovers trope that I've written, Kimberly, and it was fun!
    Yes, I get so upset with myself for getting off-task. But lately I've been trying to go easy on myself - instead of self-bashing, I think about what I actually DID accomplish, and feel better. Though it's still something I need to work on! :-)


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