Favorites, Frustrations & Fabulous with Andie Brock #Giveaway!

This week we have author Andie Brock sharing with us and she has a new book!  

The Greek's Pleasurable Revenge: A scandalous story of passion and romance (Secret Heirs of Billionaires)And there's a giveaway of a kindle copy to one commenter!

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The seaside, especially rock pools and seaweed and the smell of the sea and rocks worn smooth by the tide. All things sky related, sunsets, scudding clouds, starry nights, lying on my back and staring up into the deep blue of a late afternoon sky. Log fires, Christmas, Coldplay and Coronation Street. Cheese on toast, grey jumpers, toddlers, cats and champagne. And hearing my kids laugh.


Hypocrisy, cruelty. Snobbishness – especially in literature – that one really winds me up. Politicians who won’t answer the question, Brexit, wasting the world’s resources, the slaughtering of wildlife. Traffic jams, losing things, housework, being cold. And bad reviews!


My husband, family and friends. The hugely supportive Harlequin/Mills and Boon community. Seeing my books on the shelves. And the sheer privilege of being able to write stories for such a wonderfully loyal and enthusiastic readership.

The Greek's Pleasurable Revenge: A scandalous story of passion and romance (Secret Heirs of Billionaires).

Revenge…by seduction! 
The last person Calista expects—or wants—to see at her father's graveside is arrogant billionaire Lukas Kalanos. Five years earlier, after an affair that stole her innocence, Lukas betrayed her family and disappeared, leaving Callie with much more than a broken heart… 
Seeking vengeance on the Gianopoulous family for framing him, Lukas finds Callie ripe for his seduction. She will pay for past wrongdoings—between his sheets! But discovering that Callie has had his child is a surprise that changes Lukas's pleasurable plans for revenge…into a hunger to make her his own!

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  1. Hi Nas and Andi - I imagine writing a romance set in Greece does stir the imagination and give us a lot of historical perspectives ... looks good! Cheers Hilary


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