Introducing Author Lynne Marshall, Her Perfect Proposal #Giveaway

 This week's Intro to Author is on Lynne Marshall and her latest release novel Her Perfect Proposal. And there is a Giveaway! 

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Intro- I'm the author of twenty books for Harlequin.  I mostly write Medical Romance, but over the last few years I’ve also written for the Special Edition line (5 books).  I love contemporary romance and am especially excited about my current Home in Heartlandia series.  Book #2 – Her Perfect Proposal – is the March release.  Please also watch for the third and final book in the series in June.

My Life- (short bio) Lynne is Harlequin author, a Southern California native, and has been happily married for a looooong time. She is a dog lover, a cat admirer, a meandering walker, a curious traveler, and an avid reader, but most of all, she is a writer, and is very happy about that.

Influences- Movies have been my biggest influences.  There is nothing like a dramatic story portrayed flawlessly by talented actors to wring the most emotion out of me. 

I guess I really fell in love with fiction when I first read To Kill a Mockingbird one summer when I was a kid. I got completely drawn in to that book.  Though I enjoy reading all fiction, I noticed early on that the part in most books that always grabbed my attention was the love story. Then I discovered Barbara Delinsky, Linda Howard, Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  The other fabulous romance authors out there are too numerous to name.  It is truly a gifted genre.

How I write- I lie somewhere in between a plotter and pantser.  I like to pin down the conflicts for both main characters with a seven-point conflict grid that I first saw from an online class with Lyn Cote.  From there I build my story, and I’ve discovered the more involved I make my synopsis, the easier it is to write through the book.  However, this is important to share, my story is NEVER one-hundred percent like the synopsis.  My characters always surprise me and that often requires a different direction for the story.

Motivation- (why you write?)  I write because if I don’t the stories build up in my head and I think I might explode!  I do often need to take breaks and refill the well, though.  The process of writing is draining at times.

Your Book-

Her Perfect Proposal – Harlequin Special Edition, March 2015


Journalist Lilly Matsuda just writes headlines; she doesn't make them. That is, until she runs afoul of Gunnar Norling while on assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia. The handsome policeman intrigues more than Lilly's investigative senses…but she isn't going to let Gunnar's megawatt smile or smoldering good looks melt her heart. 

Gunnar isn't a fan of people snooping around Heartlandia. He's been sworn to secrecy about the town's mysterious past, and he refuses to compromise that for anyone…even beautiful Lilly, who's hot on the story's trail. Besides, she's not going to stick around forever, and Gunnar refuses to let his heart get trampled on—unless Lilly decides to put love first!

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  1. I love that the stories HAVE to be told. A born writer.
    Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I didn't know I was born to write and didn't start until late midlife, so I used to worry I had a serious problem with daydreaming until I figured out I needed to write the stories down! :)

  3. Hello, Lynne, and best of luck with your latest release.

  4. Good luck with the release... my grandmother and sister read so many Harlequin's... they loved their books and getting a new one... this sounds like one they would both like too xox

  5. I love the inherent conflict in your book - reporter vs policeman - and secrets are always exciting. I work the way you do. I outline as much as possible, the writing gets a good head start, and then I change things as I go along and new ideas come to me. Wishing you much success!

  6. Congrats, Lynne. I can relate to why you write. With too many characters and ideas, you have to let them out.

  7. Enjoyed this interview! I know the feeling of having stories and characters building up in your head. You just have to let them out!

  8. Enjoyed this interview! I know the feeling of having stories and characters building up in your head. You just have to let them out!

  9. I have heard great things about Her Perfect Proposal. It was wonderful to learn more about the author. I am also in the middle of being a plotter and a pantser. :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks so much for all of the comments. I see that, as writers, you all understand what I'm going through. Misery loves company. DMS - I'm happy to learn there is at least one other middle of the road plot-pantser out there.
    And Luanne - you made me smile. When's the last time you read a Harlequin. Most of them might not be suited for your Grandmother. The Special Edition line runs the gamut from chaste (closing the door) to blatant (door wide open) with sex scenes. I write at the sensual level which brings the reader into the room with the soon to fall in love characters. The ROmance line is the only one that closes the door these days. Check them out, you may be surprised at the level of skill and sophistication with which we Harlequin authors write.
    Again, thanks so much for everyone reading the quickie intro to me and my process, and for your supportive comments

  11. Always interested to learn of what inspires authors, thank you.


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