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Writing Organisations

One thing I’ve found writing romance is that the romance writing community is the most friendliest one around. There is no other organization in the world which is willing to share experiences, advice, ideas as freely as romance authors.

My first experience with Authors was on the community boards. The authors would interact with us ‘fans’ and would gladly help you if you needed it.

Once I got serious about writing I joined the Romance Writers of Australia. Through that organization I meet the girls in my critique group. Together we all learned our craft and have grown to become great friends.

I remember my first Romance Writers of Australia conference, I finally got to meet the authors I’d known for a few years through the eharlequin boards. It was so great and you know what – they were normal people just like me. Again they were so open and helped me with my pitch, gave advice and were just fabulous ladies.

 When I moved to Houston Texas I joined Romance Writers of America about six months after I moved and once I had my member number I immediately joined my local West Houston chapter.

I can remember the first chapter meeting I went to. The lady who was doing the hospitality I’d met on Facebook through an Australia lady I’d met at a party in January. Then I walked through the doors into the meeting space and there were two ladies chatting to each other. The moment they saw me they stopped their conversation and came up and introduced themselves to me and made feel as if I’d been a member for years, not just walking through the door. Those two ladies were Christie Craig and Sophie Jordan.

Since that first meeting I’ve made life long friends with the ladies of the chapter. Have regular lunch dates with another group of authors from the chapter. I started having lunch with Shana Galen, Sophie Jordan, Vicky Drielling, Lily Dalton and Mary Lindsay before I was published. Not once did I feel out of place with these multi-published ladies. They celebrated my first sale with me. Now I’m multi-published, like them.

There is nothing quite like these two fabulous organisations. The connections you make with the members really are life long ones.

Do you have a favourite writing organization you’re a member of?

He helps save lives, now he wants to save hers.

Dawn Granger has loved and lost and it’s a road she’s not prepared to travel again, that is until her past turns up and has her questioning her resolve.

Andrew Holmes has sailed the globe numerous times, when he almost loses his life, he decides he needs to give something back so he returns home and trains as a paramedic. When he runs into his former sweetheart he is surprised to find an attraction he thought dead come to life. When he sees the sadness in Dawn he knows he will do anything to make her smile again.

Dawn tries to resist Andrew but their past pulls at her in ways she thought long dead. Can she trust a man who's run out on her once before? Can she risk putting her heart on the line again? Or will it all be taken from her again.

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  1. Okay. Being a nurse, I was won over by the cover alone. :P But seriously--sounds like a great book. Best of luck. ;)

    1. Hi Melissa! LOL glad the cover won you over :) My first book Masquerade is also Medical themed.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

  2. That sounds great. I've read hundreds and hundreds of romances!
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. HI Tina! I'm exactly like you I've read lots and lots of romances too. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am a reader, not a writer, but I must say that I find that the romance writer blogs and posts are the ones I keep returning to most. There is something that I can only describe as warm and welcoming - and appreciative.

    1. Hi Mary! I'm so glad you feel that way too. We spread the love in both the written word and in person. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Best of luck! Your book sounds great. :)

  5. Great post, ladies. The book sounds fab.


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