To Marry a Matchmaker

I love reading Historical Romances and coming across Michelle Styles, To Marry a Matchmaker was my good fortune!


TO MARRY A MATCHMAKER by HM&B Historical author Michelle Styles is a fabulous story of a widow who doesn’t want to remarry and a hard working self-made man, who is not titled and couldn’t care less about the aristocracy.
Lady Henrietta Thorndike, a widow for ten years, keeps herself busy by matchmaking people and getting them to marry. She also organizes the village social life.
Robert Montemorcy feels she is meddling in people’s lives. Yet he enjoys battling with her verbally. He feels the sparks fly each time they meet. Enforced by circumstance to live under the same roof, both realize their attraction to each other.
But Henri is not ready to remarry, is she?
Henri’s story is told with such sensitivity and tenderness that we feel we know her. She is hiding her grief and guilt over her husband’s death.
To Marry a Matchmaker is a well-woven historical tale which has engaging characters and is filled with good dialogue and delightful resolution. The hero appears uncompromising and domineering on the outside but is really intensely emotional and tender on the inside.
Henri is a fantastic heroine whose superficial exterior belies a generous spirit and a very big heart. Robert and Henri catches your attention and your heart.


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