Friday Favorites with Phillipa Nefri Clark & Giveaways!

This week's Favorites, Frustrations & Fabulous with Author Phillipa Nefri Clark! And she has a new book, Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story. Book Two. And she has Giveaway news!

My husband, two sons, and sister in Ireland makes everything worthwhile. Our Labrador, dippy and deep, rain on the roof at night, sunrise, birdsong, crisp white wine, the ocean.

Lack of time to write, people who mistreat others and animals, housework, weeding, intolerance.

The ongoing achievements and happiness of my two sons, holding my own published book for the first (and hundredth) time, living with clean air and space around me, being old enough to have perspective and still young enough to find my dreams.

Jasmine Sea: A River's End Love Story. Book Two

Sometimes facing the past is the only way forward.
Starting over never felt better. Christie Ryan adores the little cottage she’s renovating, the seaside town that embraced her, and Martin Blake, the man she longs to marry. Ex-fianc√© Derek Hobbs is finally out of the picture, and there are no more secrets in her life or mysteries to solve.
Will the arrival of a mysterious woman who commissions a portrait from Martin under a cloud of secrecy break her after all? Unrest and suspicion remind Christie that happiness can be fleeting, and when the peaceful town is shattered by crime, her past is again thrust into the limelight.
With one chance and only minutes to save those she loves, Christie comes face to face with her greatest fear—and there is no way around it.
Jasmine Sea follows on from The Stationmaster's Cottage, set shortly after its stunning conclusion.

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Jasmine Sea

by Phillipa Nefri Clark

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  1. lovely interview and the book sounds interesting!

  2. People who mistreat others and animals is one of my dislikes too. I think everyone hates housework and cleaning. lol

    1. It is just the time it takes because I do enjoy the end result but would love someone else to do it! LOL

  3. Great to meet you! I'm no fan of housework either, but I'm also OCD about things being in some type of order throughout the house. Like you, abuse in any form really makes me angry. No reason for it! Hugs...RO

  4. Hi, Phillipa! Best of luck with your latest release.

  5. I hate anyone who hurts an animal and even more when they make a trophy out of it.
    Good luck with your book.
    Have a good week Diane

  6. It sounds like her family is really a big inspiration to keep her going with everything she does. And I can definitely relate to that as my family is one of my biggest motivations as well.

    1. They are. So important to have people you love, whether family or family-like.

  7. I share each one of your frustrations!


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