Intro: Aaden's Hope by Jacqui Jacoby

This week we are introducing  Aaden's Hope by Jacqui Jacoby. We have a character interview from Aaden's Hope hero and heroine.

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Question from Aaden: "How did you know you wanted to do what you did?  With your job?"

Answer from Hope: "It didn't start out with me thinking 'Let's go shoot some people.'  I joined the army to get away from home.  Then I was tested and it was determined I thought in a way that was outside the box, they shifted me to another program for training.  I was only nineteen.  And I proved in training I was a couple steps in the other direction of norm so we had a perfect fit."

Question from Hope: <running her finger across the tattoo on his pec>.  "You said someday you would tell me."

Answer from Aaden: "It was my grandfather. We were camping on the beach one night and a sea turtle came out of the ocean to lay her eggs in the sand.  We sat there with her for a long, long time, just feet from her. When she was done, she went back to the water.  I always thought of my grandfather when I saw a reference to sea turtles after that. When he died, I got this."

“There is no cure,” Aaden said. “It’s over. Mankind took the hit.”

It took little time for the world to go from cell phones, credit cards and the Internet to barren continents and too few people to count. The very few who remained refused to roll over and die. Now, four years later in a small campground in Northern California, twenty people rely on each to make it day to day.

Before 'The Fall', Aaden Muñoz lived as a laid-back handyman with more music in his mind than crops. Now he serves as an unofficial leader, keeping wheels moving when chaos wants them to stop. Digger “No-Last-Name”, the newest recruit, is an efficient government operative carrying a secret grief no mother should ever have to bear.

The days of keeping the food growing and the supplies coming in are never-ending. Each survivor is responsible to the person next to them, helping them stay safe, healthy and happy. The camp is a place of unity, family and hope … until betrayal comes from nowhere with a knife to decide that maybe, none of them were meant to survive.

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  1. Congratulations on the books. Looks awesome.

  2. Wow! I like the stark cover.

  3. Congratulations on the release of this book.

  4. This sound pretty cool... like the girl needs a lot of reassurance as well. Thinking about this one still!

  5. Congratulations on the awesome story. This is certainly unique way to 'meet' the characters!

  6. Thanks for this good intro to Aaden's Hope!

  7. I like the cover. Nice spin on a character interview. :-)


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