Intro: Jacqui Jacoby, Bystander & Giveaway

This week's Intro to Author is on Jacqui Jacoby and her latest release, Bystander.

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Tell us about yourself? 

I am a grown up caught in an imaginary world of fiction.  I create worlds with real living people in them out of thin air.  What some people call a job, I call it a great time. I love what I do and put in as many hours as I can just for the sheer joy of being a part of all this. I am getting married in February to the same man I married in 1983.  I have three kids, all grown and five cats, two of who are my best friends.  They feel the same way.

What's your favorite place to read?

 Bed with my phone/kindle.

 What are some of your reading pet peeves? 

Stories that don't follow the cannon they established.  If your vampire can fly on page one, then, unless it was explained, he better be able to fly on the last page. 

 What motivates you to write your books? 

I don't ever think I was "motivated" to write a book.  There is this story brewing, a character walks in and raises his hand. It's a natural progression, as well as courtesy  to the characters, to start typing what they say.  If I don't write his/her story, no one ever will.  So I type.  I love typing.

Tell us a little about your book? 

Bystander is a thriller where one woman, up against a stalker out for revenge, finds out there there is a family waiting for her, wanting to help. They will do anything and everything to make sure she is safe, no matter what it takes.

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by Jacqui Jacoby

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  1. Sounds interesting. Congrats!

  2. This book really sounds interesting and I entered the goodreads giveaway. Congrats on the release.

  3. The cover is eye-catching. I like the sound of this book! Congratulations on the release!

    1. My artist daughter designed that so I appreciate you appreciating it! ^,,^

  4. Congratulations on the release!

    1. Thank you, Colleen. I really enjoyed this story,

  5. Looks interesting story. Congratulations on the release!

    1. I hope you like it. I was a wild ride writing.

  6. Loved reading all your answers. Congratulations on the release!


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