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Story in Pictures

While in High School

Heaps of time for fun & games

Time to get serious for studies. Students from other Pacific Island Countries.

Cinic Day

Working Partner at Clinic

Away from home, Mum & Dad for first time.

First time my Birthday was celebrated by friends away from home.
BFF and another classmate at our MBBS class

Pretending Dad's tattoo is on my hand!

I miss Mum

and guess what? My break starts this Friday and I will be home with Mum & Dad!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Shelley!

      What can I say? I had time on my hands!

  2. Loved the pictures. Beautiful! Enjoy your time at home. I bet your mom is looking forward to it as much as you are.

    1. Hi Wendy!

      I'm looking forward to home cooked food!

      Oh! Another good thing about the upcoming break, I'll be able to read The Nurse's Not So Secret Scandal now, heard such good things about it!

  3. Riya,what lovely pics. Your mom is going to be happy dancing with you. I hope you have the best time ever on the break. *waving and smiling*

  4. It was nice to see your photos. Have a wonderful time with your mum and dad.

    1. Thanks Maria, I hope you are also enjoying your trip to Ireland.

  5. I like how you told the story with photos. It's like a little peak into your family! Have a great holiday!

  6. I love this story in pictures. Enjoy your trip home!

  7. Congrats on being able to go home!!

    LOVED the pictures. Have fun!

  8. Lovely pictures, fantastic idea making a story with pictures! Enjoy your trip home, I know how it feels to live away from family, and how hard it can be. Have at it dear! : )

  9. I guess you are still enjoying your holidays. Nice pictures.


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